Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

Kind of a strange Easter Sunday as our kids were all in different places.  This morning we only had D1 and D3.  I wanted to get both of their pictures but only managed to get D3's pix.  I wanted to get these posted tonight because the beautiful dress my daughter is wearing was made by my awesome Sis In Law.  She is too cute for her own good!  Just ask her dad.

Once all of the kids home we were ready to start the party!



Ok, so I am a little slow getting these pictures posted (for a good reason), but never late than better...  Here are Ty's prom pix.  She looked so beautiful... so beautiful!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

What Can I Say???

How do you sum up an experience that will live in your memory forever?  I am finding it hard to write it down.  We got home last Sunday from our Vacation in California.  I have facebook'd and flckr'd, but to blog or write about our vacation seems much harder.  How do you sum up a trip of a lifetime?  I am not sure I can, but I will try...

Let me start at the beginning.  We left on March 24th and drove to Vegas.  David, Blaine and Mathias had a soccer tournament there over the weekend.  Friday, however, we ended up with no games so we spent the day at the outlet malls and Madame Tussaud's wax museum.  We had a blast at Madame Tusaud's... here are a few pics

We had a lot of fun in Vegas our teams did well, with Mathias going to the Semi's.  On Sunday we left for California in the early evening and got to my Aunt and Uncle's home around midnight... and promptly went to bed.  And then the week started.

Monday and Tuesday we went to Disneyland... WOW!  I loved disneyland!  Now I have been there before, twice actually but it has been over 25 years and some pretty vague memories.  Disneyland was amazing, I think it might just be the happiest place on earth, and it did seem a little surreal to be there.  It was crazy busy, at times just walls of people.  It did take us a day to get the "disney system" under our belts, using fast passes and stoller swap passes, but by day 2 we were going like pros.  The kids all loved Disneyland but I think it was Isabella's favorite place, well mine too.  Here are a few pics of day 1 and 2...

Oh and I did I mention that Isabella got to dress up as a princess?
Ok next day was California Adventures, I think this was the favorite place of the rest of the kids.  They LOVED the rides, especially the roller coaster!  Oh and the Tower of Terror. 

 That evening we stayed for the show called World of Colors, it was amazing...

Day 4 we were off to San Diego and to go to Sea World.  We loved Sea World and because it was not overly busy it was a nice change.  However to my great dismay some how we did not transfer all the pictures from this day and lost about 100 amazing pictures.  Here are a few that we didn't loose...

Ok we are almost there, day 5 was Universal Studios and once again a lot of fun.  I have to say by this time I think we were all winding down and getting pretty tired but we stayed until they closed and had a great time... just ask any of the kids about the Haunted House, they will tell you just how much fun we had.

So there is our vacation in a nut shell.  I loved it, every minute of it.  I watched my kids laugh and play and just be so happy.  I hope that they carry memories of this vacation, just as I have mine as a child.  Oh and is next year to soon to go back???

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Back Pack that Works!

So if you have been reading my blog, you know that my last post was about a Purse that I made for me and the older girls.  Well of course the boys were feeling left out, so I made them each a nap sack with their name on it.  They were pretty quick and easy and perfect for the boys... no frills.  So finally I had a chance to make a bag for D3.  I have to admit, it is pretty dang cute!

If you are interested the pattern is made by pattern play, "Preschool Backpack".  I found her on etsy.  Here you will find the pattern.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A purse that works!

I tend to carry a large purse, which I really don't mind so much... until I have to carry it all day long!  So as we are looking forward to a family vacation, I am wondering do I really want to be everyone's pack mule?  Uhm... Nope.  So when I found a very cute pattern for a messenger bag I decided to make one.  It's small and should be easy to carry.  I made mine and it really did turn out cute.  When D1 saw it she wanted one and then D2 decided she wanted one too.  So I have made three of these cute bags in the last week.
This one is mine (not fabulous pictures, but you get the idea)

 D2's Purse
D1's Purse

So now to give proper credit this pattern is a Keyka Lou pattern:

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A moment to sit and think.

Yesterday my sweetie and I went to Park City, he had ODP, I went along for the ride.  I had decided to take my camera and go exploring.  I really didn't know what to expect since my experience of Park City are the outlet stores, and a vague knowledge of skiing.  So I dropped off my sweetie and away I went.  I wanted to head towards the historical part of Park City.  Talk about a treasure trove of photo opps.  I took loads of pictures, most were nothing special but a few were pretty cool.  However the one I liked best was just an ordinary picture of a stoop.  If a door stoop could only speak.  I had a strange urge to just sit down and well do nothing but listen, and if it wasn't the entrance to a busy little shop I might have done just that.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

My official review on Weight Watchers Points Plus... Like you care.

So as many of you know I went on WW about 2 years ago, I was very successful and lost the weight that I had gained during my pregnancy with D3.  Although trying to loose weight is never fun, I really didn't mind it much and up until a few months ago I had mantained quite well.  Over the holidays I gained a little weight (can you imagine???) and decided to do WW again and try their new program.  So now after being on it for 5 weeks, here is my professional opinion:

Not Loving it!

Here is the problem, the old plan asked for three things to figure out the points, fat calories and fiber.  After about 3 weeks on the diet you could look at the nutritional information and and know how many points it is worth.  Not so on the new points plus program.  Now you calculate Fat, Carbs, Protien and Fiber, and no matter how many times you have calculated food items, you will not be able to look at something and guess how many points it is.  Also I find that I do feel more hungry/less satisfied, and at night I am cussing myself because I really want some smart pop popcorn but have no points left.

So if anyone cares about my opinion, stick with the old plan (which I have to confess, I had more stable weight loose - sheesh!)